The Book Thief

By: Markus Zuzak

The Book Thief is about a girl named Liesel who is growing up in World War ii. Her mother is gone, and her brother died. She finally finds a family who adopts her into their home. She finds a book as her brother is buried, called the Grave Digger's Handbook. When she returned to her home, Her new Papa tries to teach her to read. She meets a new neighbor, Rudy, while playing soccer with the rest of the kids on the street. She becomes friends with Rudy, a mischevious, troublemaker of a boy, but who has a crush on Liesel and is a loyal friend. Meanwhile, a jew named Max Vandenburg who needs to be hid from Hitler, who is killing all Jewish People and destroying their businesses. Liesel is forced to join Hitler Youth Club where she steals another book. Liesel also reads to a neighbor. She decides she is now the Book Theif. She begins to steal other books, from the mayor's house and other various places. When her father is sent away, everything changes. Then something happened that will change Liesel's life forever. This book is a drama, and is narrated by death.

The characters in this book are very diverse and interesting. They all have their own beliefs, and have their own feelings and appearances. Liesel, the main character, is a young girl in the story, who grows up into a 14-year-old girl. She steals books, and though she can be pretty tough, she certainly loves her friends and family. Max, a jewish man in hiding, lives with Liesel. He is a loving, resorcful, creative man who writes Liesel a book. Liesel loves him very much. Rudy is Liesel's best friend. He is a snarky, funny boy who wants to be just like Jesse Owens. He loves Liesel, and multiple times tries to get Liesel to kiss him. Only at the end, Liesel obliges. Liesel's father, Hans, is a caring, considerate, house-painting, accordian player. He smokes, and he taught Liesel to read and write. He is a good teacher, and his daughter loves him. He is married to Rosa. Rosa is Lisel's foster mother, and is a tough woman. She swears constantly, and makes a famously discusting soup. Though she may be difficult, she still loves Lisel and Hans. There are some other characters, but they are mosty minor. They include a woman Liesel reads to, the Mayor's wife, who Liesel often steals from, and Adolf Hitler, who doesn't appear, but is often talked about. There are a few more, but they really don't build up the main character.

The setting takes place in Germany, during World War ii. The main places where the characters appear are Liesel's house, the street where she lives, school, and the Mayor's house.